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Wir suchen Unterstützung im Bereich Projektmanagement

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Wir suchen aktuell nach Support für unser Projektmanagement im Bereich TV, Mobile, Social und Web für den Standort Köln (Rodenkirchen).

Was Dich im Bereich TV, Mobile, Social und Web erwartet:
Als Support für das Projektmanagement warten spannende Aufgaben auf Dich. Du unterstützt bei der Entwicklung von Produkten im Bereich Mobile, TV, Social und Web. Dabei arbeiten wir in unseren Projekten so, dass Du eigenverantwortlich in einem kreativen und engagierten Team eigene Ideen mit einbringen kannst.

Bewirb dich noch heute!

Wir vergeben ein Praktikum bzw. eine Abschlussarbeit im Bereich Change- und Innovationsmanagement für Verlage

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Aktuell vergeben wir ein Praktikum (m/w) und/oder eine Abschlussarbeit im Bereich Change- und Innovationsmanagement für Verlage für den Standort Köln (Rodenkirchen).

Was Dich im Bereich Change- und Innovationsmanagement erwartet:
Als Team-Mitglied warten spannende Aufgaben auf Dich. Du unterstützt bei der Entwicklung einer digitalen Strategie im Bereich Medien und Nachrichten. Dabei arbeiten wir in unseren Projekten so, dass Du eigenverantwortlich in einem kreativen und engagierten Team eigene Ideen mit einbringen kannst. Du erhältst Einblicke in die Medien und Nachrichtenwelt unter Berücksichtigung des digitalen Wandels.

Bewirb dich noch heute!


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As a returning speaker at the <re/code> conference Mary Meeker from KPCB is one of the most anticipated sessions each year. Again this year, Mary presented the Internet Trends for the year from KPCB. We think it is worthwhile to watch!

The white space

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Read Kenny Tomlin, Founder & CEO, Rockfish’s Post on Linkedin.

The “white space” are those market opportunities your company must pursue even if it means disrupting your existing business model. Why Apple and not Sony? Why Netflix and not Blockbuster? Why Amazon and not Barnes & Noble? Because those businesses were simply unwilling to disrupt what at that moment was a working business model. They didn’t understand how rapidly the changes in our infrastructure were going to disrupt their business, and as a result missed out on a major new market opportunity.

VoiceCart and ScanCart: mobile Shopping extension

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Imagine your customer could access your Inventory via Voice and add it to his personal shopping cart with a single voice command. Imagine your Customer can add a product to the shopping cart and order it by simply scanning the inventory Barcode? All of this becomes real with NetStart Systems VoiceCart, on a consumer Hardware SmartPhone – no additional Hardware required. VoiceCart lets a customer Query simple Product Inventory catalogs like those of Supermarkets, Groceries and Beverage suppliers and responds with Lists of available Items from Inventory for Home delivery. The Customer selects and adds the product to his cart with one click. For more Complex product categories, the customer scans the Inventory Barcode to identify the product and add it to his or her shopping or order cart. Simple, effective, time-saving and secure.

Access to the shopping Cart-Account is configured once only and our server backend controls the authentication on an anonimized basis. Only you know what your customer is ordering.

Amazon TV – Open System STB

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Amazon today unveiled the FireTV, a $99 set-top box in the tradition of Roku and Apple TV that aims to tackle three main problems Amazon sees in competitors: performance, search and closed ecosystems. The box itself looks a lot like an Apple TV, as does the simple, seven-button remote with five-point control pad. It will support 1080p and Dolby Digital Plus surround via HDMI or Optical output. The box is smaller, though, standing just shorter than the height of a dime, and the remote features a microphone to support a voice search feature. But while the box and remote might look familiar, the experience it offers appears considerably different than what is available from Apple TV or Roku at the moment.

More to read: Amazon TV

When was your last App Release?

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In this video Jeffrey Hammond (Forrester Research) clarifies what it takes for companies to be successful in the mobile ecosystem: Continuos Development is key for the success of mobile Apps. Jeffrey Hammond says 6-10 Releases per App per year is the rule for successful Applications. He also observed that Apps with a lack of Releases for several months continuously lag behind in customer App Store ratings. If you want to know how you can increase your customer engagement and Store rating contacts us.

We will help you!

One-on-One with Forrester’s Jeffrey Hammond from Appcelerator Video Channel on Vimeo.

Six methods for Augmenting Reality on SmartPhones.

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To Augment Reality two main features of the Smartphone are being used: The CameraView and the ability to draw extra information in a graphic layer on top of the CameraView. With this the View for the User can be annotated with additional data on top of the camera signal. This method of Augmentation get’s really interesting when the data is connected to the exact geo position of the device, or when its position and direction can be used to add information on things surrounding the user in real life.

There are multiple SDK’s and methods in the market to help developers to achieve their goals in building an Augmentation-App, the Six below are the most promising.

Let’s see what they got to offer:

Offering iOS Android Windows Phone HTML5 Cost
ARLabAR Browser Yes Yes n/a n/a 199€ per platform
ARPA SDK Yes Yes n/a n/a Auf Anfrage
DroidAR n/a Yes n/a n/a Open Source
GART – Geo Augmented Reality Toolkit n/a n/a Yes n/a Open source
Layar Geo SDK Yes Yes n/a n/a 7500€ per annum
Wikitude SDK Yes Yes n/a Yes Free (Watermarked), between 99 and 1499 €

Fruux presents new Web App for Task Management

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Our friends at fruux have launched their new web app for task management. With this new release they extend their existing sync cloud offering with an extremely useful new feature-set. And of course, it’s platform independent.

fruux about the product:

“Our new tasks web app makes it easy to:

  • Manage todo lists in your browser.
  • Share todo’s with friends, family, co-workers or the remote team.
  • Always synchronized and securely backupped.

The whole suite automatically syncs via the open standard CalDAV with any of your devices without trapping you in a in a vendor silo.”

Two years ago the team of NetStart Systems switched to “fruux Contacts, calendars & tasks” to manage all contacts, calendars and tasks across devices in the company. Since the switch all members of the NetStart Systems Team are in synch,  independent of being a fanboy for Android, iOS, Mac or PC…