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Beacon Technology – the 2014 Retail trend?

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Beacon technology as supplied by apple with iBeacon and by other vendors who build Beacon hardware shall heavily impact Retail and SmartPhone Eco-Systems in 2014 BI predicts. Beacon technology bridges the Gap between pasively available SmartPhones and active online communications. They can be used in various ways to trigger SmartPhone users to pick up information, backgrounds and In-Store updates or rewards. In a Report published via the B.I. site the technology gets explained and why it will have such impact in 2014. Explore the research at B.I. and what Beacons may mean to you here:

BI on the use of iBeacons and Beacons in 2014

SmartWatch Design

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A smartwatch can be so much more than a small iPhone on your wrist. It can filter the information overflow of today’s services, while getting you the information you need more conveniently. And it can do this while still staying true to the classic form and function of a watch, enabling non-geeks to wear and afford a smartwatch.

See it here: Design Study Smart Watch…