Cloud Solutions

Together with our partners, we offer climate-neutral cloud solutions

Whether managed Kubernetes, private cloud, or dedicated cloud configurations, we offer climate neutrality for your cloud solution. Our solutions offer established medium and large companies, regulated industries, the digital economy and the public sector all the services they need to be successful in and with the cloud.
Data sovereignty is the prerequisite for successful digitization. That is why we are committed to ensuring that our
Customers remain in control of their data and applications. Full compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and thus maximum protection against
the US CLOUD Act.

We offer Cloud Native Development

Techhub is focused on cloud native development for special solutions that are required in the MSB:

  • Service-based architectures such as microservices support the construction of modular, loosely coupled services. And modular architectural approaches – such as miniservices – enable companies to accelerate application creation without increasing complexity.
  • Services are provided through technology-agnostic APIs that reduce complexity and effort to deploy, scale, and maintain. The API-based design only allows communication via service interface calls over the network, avoiding the risks of direct linking, shared memory models, or direct read access to another team’s data store.
  • Cloud-native applications are built on containers that provide a unified operating model across any technology environment, supporting true application portability across public, private, and hybrid clouds. Container technology leverages the virtualization capabilities of the operating system to share the available computing resources across multiple applications while ensuring that the applications are secure and isolated from one another. Cloud-native applications also scale horizontally, making it easy to add more application instances. Its low overhead and high density allows numerous containers to be hosted within the same virtual machine or physical server.
  • Application development for cloud-native approaches is based on agile methods with continuous delivery and DevOps principles, which aim at the collaborative creation and delivery of applications by teams from development, quality assurance, IT security and IT operations.< /li>
  • TechHub IoT Cloud


    TechHub IoT is a cloud platform that lets you simply add connected devices – cars, light bulbs, sensor grids, and more and enables them to securely interact with cloud applications and other devices as a managed solution.


    Connect and manage your „Things“

    Connect devices to the cloud using the protocol that fits your requirements – HTTP, MQTT, or WebSocket. All „things“ can communicate with each using their different protocols.

    Process and act based on „Things“ data

    Apply business rules to Filter, transform, and act upon data from „Things“ on the fly, TechHub IoT can be easily integrated with other services like DBs, ML and Processing.

    Access and set „Things“ states any time

    Online or offline, by always storing states of „Things“, TechHubEU IoT enables setting and changing of their states anytime.

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    Blockchain as a Service (eBaaS)

    As a technology Blockchain offers a vast range of possible integrations of the Blockchain in existing Processes, transactions or new business models. With the Blockchain immutable agreements can be produced between parties or systems without any outside interference – which will impact the way we operate the internet as dramatically as the invention of TCP/IP itself did.
    With Blockchain transactions can be executed in Peer-to-Peer models, and contracts can be made based on the immutable trust model of the Blockchain. Models based on the Distributed Ledger technology will in fact replace many of our existing processes where third parties are involved at the trust level.
    TechHubEU offers implementataion and integration with the Blockchain based on Ethereum Blockchain and facilitates any business model that profits by using the technology: From lightning fast financial transactions to the most complex trust based business models.

    The Right Cloud.

    IaaS Infrastructure as a Service

    We deliver reliable Infrastructure as a Service – fully managed. Today’s infrastructures must be able to scale with your needs and requirements. TechHub Europe IaaS provides you with the perfect solution.

    Ask our experts for IaaS, CDN and Cloud Engineering.

    PaaS Platform as a Service

    We strongly believe in Open Source platforms to rely on for Cloud based Solutions. The architecture and openness are the key to remaining agile and moving fast when required. OpenStack is currently our preferred platform to provide you with a robust, secure and highly reliable platform.

    SaaS Software as a Service

    We provide you with various solutions in SaaS mode. Be it Tracking, Live Data Streaming, Metrics or Messaging Applications. You can rely on our engineering for 24/7 availability and all aspects that come with SaaS as an economic advantage to you.

    M2M Cloud Platform

    Machine-2-Machine Communication is swiftly becoming a viable option in Production and Enterprise scenarios. TechHub Europe has developed an entire platform to unify and manage any Machine-to-Machine protocol, so that you are able to register and maintain your Assets against a single solution. By unifying the core of the platform, the solution is versatile and can be used in any of your scenarios. While communication runs through the TCP/IP layer – the telecom data layer is the standard available for your solutions.

    Please also view our tracking technology in the Managed Services section and call us if you need more insight in the possibilities of M2M.

    NMTS GPS-GSM Based Tracking Solution

    TechHub delivers GPS based tracking with a unique Cloud based platform for GSM/GPS tracking. Our certified Tracking Hardware Modules are available in various blends, allowing any tracking scenario, be it fleets, costly inventory, goods, packages or people and animals. The proprietary tracking units can be used not only for tracking the position but to get live data on the person or item connected via the device. Our platform, which integrates with Global Telco presence, is highly scalable and reliable across borders and in all scenarios where you depend on vital information about position and data of assets or people.

    Please contact us below to receive a live demo of the TechHub Managed Tracking Solution capabilities.