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Six methods for Augmenting Reality on SmartPhones.

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To Augment Reality two main features of the Smartphone are being used: The CameraView and the ability to draw extra information in a graphic layer on top of the CameraView. With this the View for the User can be annotated with additional data on top of the camera signal. This method of Augmentation get’s really interesting when the data is connected to the exact geo position of the device, or when its position and direction can be used to add information on things surrounding the user in real life.

There are multiple SDK’s and methods in the market to help developers to achieve their goals in building an Augmentation-App, the Six below are the most promising.

Let’s see what they got to offer:

Offering iOS Android Windows Phone HTML5 Cost
ARLabAR Browser Yes Yes n/a n/a 199€ per platform
ARPA SDK Yes Yes n/a n/a Auf Anfrage
DroidAR n/a Yes n/a n/a Open Source
GART – Geo Augmented Reality Toolkit n/a n/a Yes n/a Open source
Layar Geo SDK Yes Yes n/a n/a 7500€ per annum
Wikitude SDK Yes Yes n/a Yes Free (Watermarked), between 99 and 1499 €

Location Based Services – What technology to use.

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Vision Mobile has published an excellent overview on LBS technology. On mobiles API’s they write: ‚The key feature of the APIs provided by all the major platforms is that they insulate you from the underlying technology used to acquire location/direction information. As might be expected, given this is the core enabling technology for location based apps and services, the features offered across the main platforms are fairly uniform, as shown in the following table‘:

iOS (7) Android (4.x) Windows Phone 8 HTML5
Location providers GPS and GPS/Cell/WiFi GPS and Cell/WiFi GPS/Cell/WiFi Platform specific, mainly GPS
Location (lat/long) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Altitude Yes Yes Yes Yes
Direction of travel Yes Yes Yes Yes
Direction facing Yes Yes, sensor API Yes, sensor API Yes, Orientation API
Geocoding/Reverse Geocoding Yes Yes Yes No
Background tracking Yes Yes Yes Platform dependent

In the article on Developer Economics many more details for the use LBS Services can be found. A great read which you may find here:

Developer Economics zu LBS