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FlossbachvonStorch ONE


Flossbach von Storch ONE

FvS ONE the Wealth-Management Platform of Flossbach von Storch AG, a Wealth Management giant based in Cologne with over 80 Billion Assets under Management. Techhub is Flossbach von Storch AG’s technology partner for the ONE Apps developed for Android and iOS Smartphones and Tablets.

Alligator SaaS Platform for Energy Management

Jointly with our Engineering Partner, Techhub has developed the most advanced Energy Management SaaS Platform available in the market. Our Modular conepts enables the Solution fit in Industry, Retail and Enterprise context. Real-time Vendor-agnostic IoT is key to the abilities of the platform, as well as its scaleability based on its advanced software architecture.

In IoT Stream Processing is the magic word, Elasticsearch and NoSQL are some of the tools, that make up the core abilities of the Alligator Platform. Simplified: Data is sent directly to the front-end and is processed in real-time. This allows the Docker Swarm to process millions of data-sets in real time on relatively small infrastructures.
Real time processing allows to generate alarms for operative and other KPI’s on the fly and distribute them to clients like email, mobile clients, whatsapp, dashboards, TVs, cash-registers etc.

Commerzbank AG: Mobile Apps

TechHub Europe builds and maintains Commerzbank AG’s mobile Banking Apps for iOS, Android and BlackBerry. Also we maintain the mobile Eco-System for all Commerzbank AG Apps on Android Play, iTunes Connect and BlackBerry Vendor world. Naturally the Apps are Push enabled, and retrieve the dynamic data for Commerzbank Branches from our GeoServer API.

Commerzbank AG: Geo Locations

With TechHub GeoServer services Commerzbank AG is able to precisely pin-point Branches for their customers on mobile, on the web and in internal solutions. GeoServer delivers Mapping Data and Map-Views as well as a multiple real time API’s in several languages. The Administration interface provides with detailed Metrics on the API’s and Webservices.

Filialsuche Managed Service

iCD Labs Software: LABS/Q LIMS

TechHub Europe was chosen as mobility partner by iCD Laboratory Software to enable the LABS/Q software on mobile front ends. We build LABS/Q for Android and iOS. The specialized LIMS (Labs Information Management System) is crucial for real time documentation and testing in large biological, chemical and food stuff enterprises.

iCD LABS/Q Software

Recorrido: Travel booking apps

Recorrido is the leading booking platform for traveling by bus in Latin America.TechHub Europe develops recorrido’s apps for android and iOS. Find destinations, compare pricing and book your bus trip with recorrido. Board your bus with the ticket on your mobile phone.

Available on Android and iOS. Recorrido online:


Prompt PMI Professional Project Management

Prompt is a provider of project management software in the cloud. The PMI-compliant Project Management SaaS solution is available as a web application and as an iPad app and offers the option of connecting Jira. Ideal for PMO’s and large organizations that implement PMI compliant projects.

Flow Fact AG: Mobile Real Estate Management and CRM

FLOWFACT AG is a leading provider of CRM solutions for Real Estate Agents. Aproximately 5.500 Real Estate companies use FLOWFACT CRM to maintain their Customer and Sales relationships. TechHub Europe developed the mobiles Front-End tier for iPhone and iPad. The stationary solution thus is expanded for realtime data input on site and customers can be serviced while on the road.

Flow Fact AG

DeTeMedien: DasÖrtliche

TechHub Europe developed the DasÖrtliche TV Application for Samsung, Philips and HbbTV platforms for DeTeMedien, a Deutsche Telekom group company. This leading german yellow pages brand established it’s OTT branch video advertising service on TV with the Solution. The App integrates with video play-out backend, XLarge database access and provides with cross channel integration, LBS and Mapsservices.



Innosystems: Insurance API’s and Apps

Innosystems GmbH is leading in the area of insurance comparison information services and API’s. Based on the SNIVER API technology TechHub enables brokers and clients to compare, select and buy insurances in multiple categories on iOS and android platforms.

Also we offer SNIVER API integration services for insurers or financial services companies.

HeyDuDa! Zeec.

TechHub Europe build and maintains Zeec GmbH portfolio of HeyDuDa! Apps: HeyDuDa! is a leading brand for Android and iOS Apps for the little ones. HeyDuDa!’s portfolio consists of tablet and smartphone apps any has a range of approximately 20 apps.

HeyDuDa! Apps


TechHub Europe was chosen to build S-Broker a gaming App to attract and convert students and young users to leads for the S-Broker brokerage platform. We planned and build the Cow-Jones App on iOS and Android and successfully deployed the campaign integration with S-Broker’s internal CRM.

SBroker Cow Jones
iOS Android

Commerzbank AG: Push Provisioning

Commerzbank Apps receive notifications via our Managed Push Provider Service. Commerzbank Pushes are personalised and subscribers can receive notes, and with our SDK based on the notification marketing or external content can be made available in push campaigns to the mobile.

Commerzbank AG SmartPhone Apps

ETL Lawyers

ETL mobile advisor. ETL wanted to reduce upcoming call-volume and time spent in acquisition calls by letting potential clients prequalify themselves via a mobile app. Questions, previously asked in time consuming personal calls where put in this questionnaire app, which than enabled the ETL customer to directly get in touch with the right contact within ETL.

ETL Attorneys

Vogelherd Museum

The open Air site of Vogelherd is a brand new prehistoric Museum in south Germany. On site, network coverage is thin. Vogelherd asked TechHub Europe to build a solution for information distribution to guest in multiple languages, independent on network availability. Visitors to the park can scan QR code on exhibits to retain detailed information, spoken word, images and video backgrounds.

ArcheoPark Vogelherd
iOS Android

RWE SmartHome

RWE SmartHome Apps allow you to remotely control your SmartHome equipment like heating, power, alarm and attached devices in your home while being on the road. Sudden winter cold? Set your home to be warm on arrival. Smart: Mobile.

RWE SmartHome
iOS Android

RWE Effizienz GmbH: Facebook Game

RWE efficiency wanted to create an audience on Facebook for the SmartHome solutions. We devised a campaign across several months based on Facebook Apps, where users were invited play with a simulated SmartHome installation from the front end of Facebook, compete with others and win RWE SmartHome power contracts.

RWE Effizienz

Brooks: Happy Running Facebook Game

Brooks EMEA aimed at strengthening their Facebook community and followers. TechHub Europe therefore developed a Tool and a Game App, with which Brooks would be able to drive a campaign across 15 countries and manage this centrally. The Results are in: With over 300% growth of likes and followers, with high individual engagement and recurring players the Game was highly successful. With the media reach created by the users themselves, the overall reach for the brand and the new pure project product scaled dramatically.

„The PureProject-App has been a great support to us, to engage our Fans on Facebook with the new product and gain tremendous reach. Our goals, creating reach, gaining viral traction for the pure project and introduce a product to a selected and growing audience on facebook across 15 countries was entirely met.“

Andreas Duck, Online Manager Brooks Sports

T-Mobile Self-Service

A customer service app for T-Mobile (Telekom) Post-Paid customers. Customers access their plan and service data via the app or the light weight portal. A customer may select in Self-Service what options available in the service tree he or she wishes to add or remove from the Tariff. Goal of the app is to allow higher customer engagement in the service tree and to reduce costs and overhead in the customer care centers.

Telekom Mobilfunk


Commerz Systems

Techhub EU supports Commerz Systems with API and mobile development in the areas of Commercial Banking systems in branches, the SME banking division, the Core-Systems for Payments and Securities as well as in Investment Banking, which are the main focus of services at Commerz Systems.

Commerz Systems GmbH