recorrido Booking-App for Bustravel starts Roll-out

Recorrido, headquartered in Santiago Chile, Latin America’s leading Ticket booking system for City-to-City travel, has rolled out it’s real time Bus-Ticketing App. NetStart Systems is proud to announce it has developed the real time ticketing App for Successively rolled out to the customers, recorrido invited it’s prime customers to the initial roll-out. Personalized invitations to download and use the new recorrido App where sent out to the growing recorrido customer base. After these public tests, all of recorrido’s the customers can access the App and Real-Time Bus Travel ticketing shortly.

NetStart Systems supports the Ticketing-App roll-out, enabling Real-Time ticketing and booking for recorrido city-to-city Bus travels,. plans to expand Bus Ticketing throughout all of Latin America.

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