SaaS Delivery

mBaaS for solid Back-End Services in Mobile

App service and API orchestration

Mobile Apps rely heavily on services enabling functions required by your customer. Without a set of standard and advanced dedicated services in support of your apps business model or service model, apps go numb. That’s why a mBaaS platform for your app makes sense. It allows to manage and maintain those services, keep them in lifecycle and advance them during the app lifecycle to constantly innovate.

We offer a vast range of mBaaS micro services with client SDKs under one mBaaS solution model. This unified approach makes it easy to integrate, keep dependencies under control and to orchestrate required services throughout the life cycle of your app.

App data and metrics

Under one orchestrated mBaaS solution gathering and combining data from your apps on multiple platforms becomes a reality.

It allows and enables advanced analytics which would cause great difficulties if not unified under one approach. Our mBaaS solution and it’s modular client side SDK model enables you to centralise platform data, generate meaningful metrics and observe, moderate and execute based on event driven data to optimise your business case, marketing and sales or application logic.

App management and security

While the IT components like API’s on premise are under control of your IT, public API’s and connected cloud solutions are managed independently and could go rogue. TechHubEU mBaaS enables you to mitigate this risk and add additional layers of control to your mobile app. Apps registering on our mBaaS platform are protected from possible third party access to cloud based API’s or services. We provide a range of SDK modules which provide with a high level of protection against these threats. App communication backends, service consumption and third party API integrations become manageable and our mBaaS platform and management interfaces hands back control to your IT management.

Apps and understanding the threat scenario

Let’s assume, a larger company has released a widely used app which during its lifecycle gathered multiple integrations with publicly accessible services. By integrating apps directly with third party services and API’s the app has been exposed to multiple levels of security risks like: Unrestricted and unmanaged access to service API’s consumed by the app, unmanaged access to communication channels like notifications, messaging backends or other services on third party platforms. While this is a very realistic scenario, most enterprises have not put in place any measure to orchestrate or manage to mitigate the risk associated with this. By the time rogue messages, illegal deep-linking and tampered API responses start to reach their customers, it’s too late to stop the damage taking place.

Unified and available mBaaS services for your Apps

Enterprise Push API

The Push API enables you to push messages from any system to the individual recipient on the client side or to send bulk messages

Multi-Platform push

Our mBaaS push services unifies pushing across platforms, to iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry, Amazon and web Apps.

highly scalable

Our Push backend enables highly scalable, handles millions of messages easily and ensures near-real-time delivery of notifications with no latency.

Push global reach

Enable localized message delivery, across the globe in accordance with European and US data protection acts.

Push mobile engagement and retention

Companies using our mBaaS push services are enabled to target and engage their app users on a fine granular level. From bulk, through to subscribed topics down to the individual. By this they reach more retail activity, much higher engagements and 10x or more CTR and content engagement.
Banks and insurance companies enable account related alerts, incidents and customer engagement deeplinking. Our mBaas push SDK enables self service subscription control and adds an additional layer of security to their apps.


Easily integrate PushTAN identification and authorization method with your banking app. This mBaas service enables highly secure authorization of transactions or adds a additional access security layer to your app. PushTAN can be transaction or SSO related and integrates with standardized banking like FinTS and adopts Supervisory Review and Evaluation Process (SREP) standards.

Micro positioning and routing with beacons

As a licensed iBeacon partner of Apple we enable your Apps to interact with beacon technolgy enabling multiple scenarios for retail and location based processes. From indoor positioning and routing to retail interactions as well as hand over of store and convenience cards, or check-in and check-out services or access control. Our mBaaS platform enables the scenario you are looking for.

Apple licensed beacon partner.

GPS tracking

Enables GPS tracking in logistics and in all scenarios where real time information and tracking of people, goods, valuables, machines and live animals is required. Our certified tracking modules guarantee global access to position and state of the tracked items as well as true interactions with the positioning device.

Wallets and Currencies

Passkit services enable you to issue and manage app related wallet cards. The security of the supported wallet technology enables transaction based issuing of tickets, boarding passes, coupons, payment passes, debit and credit card connectivity as well as storing crypto currencies: With our passkit mBaaS service we enable you to securely interact with customers or clients and support a wide range of scenarios in support of access, transactions, retail incentives and payment. Our service is integrated with a vast array of payment solution backends and supports ApplePay. As cross platform service for both iOS and Android its the ideal choice for swift and secure roll out of wallet related services.

App analytics

TechHub mBaaS unifies and simplifies the way you generate and aggregate metrics related to your apps. The service in conjunction with the client SDK allows you to establish fine granular metrics across app and backend service events related to your app. Measure engagement, retention and any other relevant data point or event based metric. The service backend allows you to analyze in real time and based on over term data how to leverage all aspects of your app that are relevant to your customers without tedious manual or semi automated data collection from multiple platforms. The service also enables simple integration with web analytics for detailed cross channel insights.

App distribution, security and MAM

Our mBaaS platform leverages your app distribution model towards cross platform control. Currently, with no special measures, a published app is beyond your control as soon as the user has installed it. We hand back full app control with our mBaaS silent registration process enabling an extra layer of security and emergency control over your app. From enterprise distribution control through to user or role based service access controls our mBaaS regains IT management control over your apps again.

Managed mBaaS

Reliable mBaaS

All mBaaS services are unified and can be easily integrated in your apps, while we take responsibility for the underlying services, API’s or connections, keeping them alive without interruptions. We take the burden of maintaining diverse platform iterations away from you and supply a consolidated service.

mBaaS Monitoring

24×7 monitoring of all core system and application data ensures that we can intervene in, scale
on requirement and maintain uptimes.

mBaaS Deployment

Required backend updates related to third party API integrations will be deployed without interruptions and even you noticing. So your service remains uninterrupted at all times.

mBaaS Integration

Our mBaaS service platform can also be integrated with your enterprise API’s or services (multiple standard plug-ins available) enabling unified management and orchestration towards your mobile App.

mBaaS Advisory

We are happy to support you with our know-how and experience when looking for the right technology and model to establish reliable and future proof apps in the market.