VoiceCart and ScanCart: mobile Shopping extension

Imagine your customer could access your Inventory via Voice and add it to his personal shopping cart with a single voice command. Imagine your Customer can add a product to the shopping cart and order it by simply scanning the inventory Barcode? All of this becomes real with NetStart Systems VoiceCart, on a consumer Hardware SmartPhone – no additional Hardware required. VoiceCart lets a customer Query simple Product Inventory catalogs like those of Supermarkets, Groceries and Beverage suppliers and responds with Lists of available Items from Inventory for Home delivery. The Customer selects and adds the product to his cart with one click. For more Complex product categories, the customer scans the Inventory Barcode to identify the product and add it to his or her shopping or order cart. Simple, effective, time-saving and secure.

Access to the shopping Cart-Account is configured once only and our server backend controls the authentication on an anonimized basis. Only you know what your customer is ordering.