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    "NetStart Systems is Partner in our FutureLab, because Commerzbank AG is moving fast to make Retail-Banking a user-friendly Eco-System experience. NetStart proved to be Best-in-Class in the space."

    − David Kreuzinger, VP Commerzbank AG

    "iCD LABS needed support to position our LABS/Q Software Solutions in the Mobile Space. NestStart Systems is our Partner for anything mobile: 'NetStart's skill, speed, accuracy, and their feel for our and our customer's needs is evident.'"

    − Bernd Winker, CEO iCD LABS/Q

    "Zeec is #1 in Apps for Kids. Our entire portfolio of children's Apps is maintained by NetStart Systems, jointly we became the Number One publisher of Children's learning Apps on iOS and Android."

    − Dirk Figge, CEO Zeec GmbH

    "S-Broker required Marketing Apps in a Roll-Out that was minimum term, NetStart convinced us with Apps on all platforms, in-time, in-budget."

    − Stefan Weber, S-Broker