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TechHub Europe GmbH is a provider of Mobility Solutions and Apps for Enterprises. Our focus lies on mobile Front-End Apps and we deliver backend mBusiness Cloud-, API- and Managed Services. We provide solutions for a.o. Retail, Trade, Insurance and Financial Services.

TechHub develops Best-in-Class Apps on iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows and the Web. We concentrate specifically on Security and End-to-End requirements in the mobile value chain. Our Code-Protection methods for Apps eradicate security risks and treats. We set the highest standards during development in the Design of User Interfaces and the User Experience. Both areas – Security and UI/UX excellence – are number one priorities for our apps.

We offer „Building Blocks für Mobile“, standardized value added services and API’s as backend solutions for apps: Services like Push-Messaging, secure authentication, GPS-data publishing, App marketing, App Store marketing, App metrics and analytics, In-App purchase, GSM GPS-tracking, App retention services, OTA-services, payment processing are available as secure Cloud or Managed services.

We do not work for clients – we work with clients to build great digital products.



Mobile has defacto become the first entry point for any solution, service or system. We provide with the entire scope for your mobile projects: From App UI/UX, App development, App security, eco-system management, metrics, messaging to MDM and BYOD solutions. We’ve got mobile covered.



‚If your Company has not got an API, it’s not a company.‘ Says Gartner. TechHub Europe specializes in customer specific and standardized design and delivery of API’s for our clients. We deploy various valuable APIs that enable f.i. global tracking, push provisioning or deliver Financial Market data.



Being on the cloud is not a question of policy. To compete in mBusiness, you need to rely on the cloud in order to be able to scale and innovate. We build scalable effective cloud solutions for mBusiness.



Keeping complex business systems alive in an ever growing IT Eco-System is costly and challenging. We provide services that are fully managed by TechHub. We deliver PaaS and SaaS solutions that fit your need and relieve you of the IT-pains.

TechHub Europe specializes in End-to-End development of B2C and B2B Apps. End-To-End development fulfills the highest security requirements in business and consumer apps. Apps which provide security in processes and maintenance of user and enterprise data.

Our solution for CodeProtection and App security offers you this protection. With App ‚hardening‘, Code-Obfuscation, particular cryptographic and detection methods protection against hacking or unwanted third party access is implemented. This keeps your data safe at all times from the dangers that they are exposed to on complex mobile and stationary network environments.


Location Marketing and Reputation Management

Techhub supports Corporate customers in being found on internet platforms. We’ve developed a cloud solution for the management and publishing of location specific data on a vast amount of platforms. With the solution lavcation data specifics and for instance opening hours, offers and more are published to FourSquare, Google Maps, Here, Apple Maps, in Search Engines and Maps-Solutions. On top of this usr Feedback is analysed and Reviews can be centrally managed.

Read more on Location Marketing and Reputation Management…

Building Blocks for Mobile

Leverage engagement

Studies prove that Apps integrating with Push Services have significantly higher user engagement: App engagement on average is 88% higher in Apps using push. Certain App categories even perform better. eCommerce Apps come out on top: On average they show a 278% higher start-rate than those without push integration. As a result, Apps integrating with push have far better retention rates and show far less abandonment.
Source: eMarketer, 2014

Real Time Analytics

After acquiring an App user, it is of utmost importance to analyze user behaviour in App. With our App Analytics, data can be examined in real time to prevent drop-offs, strengthen conversions or address users with personalized In-App, Push or eMail marketing campaigns. The relevant user data can be connected with Facebook Audiences and used for re-targeting systems.

Customer LifeCycle

It is important to view the user across channels. Via data integrations and API connections users can be viewed across all channels. Thats why our App metrics enable integration with third party solutions like Google and web solutions like f.i. WebbTrekk, and integrate with Facebook Audiences to establish an overall picture.

Read more about our mobile engagement and analytics solutions under Building Blocks for Mobile.

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