Brand Marketing:
GPS Brand Publishing, Navigation and Logistics

GPS Publishing of:

  • Brand & Logo
  • Addressdata
  • Opening hours
  • Descriptions
  • Offers
  • Ads
  • Images and more

On Apple Maps, Google Maps, Bing Maps, Here Maps, OpenStreetMap, Places For Business, FourSquare and more.

Brand visibility in a.o. TomTom, Navigon, Garmin and in most In-Car navigation systems.

NetStart geoServer: Brand-GPS Publishing and Marketing-Service

Maintain and manage your Brand and POS GPS Publishing efficiently and cost effective: NetStart Systems offers a managed service solution for Brand GPS-Publishing and Marketing. The geoServer MAPS- and GEOIP-Service has been designed to unify and simplify GPS Publishing. With many decentralized solutions to be maintained it has become virtually impossible to keep your Brand and POS Data accurate on all these platforms without a centralized toolset. Not handling your Brand’s data properly results in out dated entries, false or erroneous location information and damages your Brand.

The NetStart geoServer Service offers a mobile SDK to enable swift integration of your data in apps on iOS, BlackBerry, Android, WindowsPhone. Via the geoServer API, publishing to third party apps or on the web becomes an easy effort. For the automation of searches and results NetStart geoServer supports Geo-Ip based localization.

The Service offers a convenient Publishing Dashboard to publish your Brand or Branch data to any Map solution: Maintain your data here to automatically publish to Apple Maps, Google Places for Business, Bing Maps, Here Maps, OpenStreetMap and more. CVS data import is supported.

Publish your Brand presence to in car navigation for brand visibility in a.o. VW Group, Audi, Toyota, Mercedez Benz, Ford, Fiat car navigation. The NetStart geoServer has been designed for mid to large organizations with POS or POI Information that needs regular updating. The service backend allows to collect detailed usage data and metrics – so you can optimize your POI- POS-presence and reduce associated costs.

Benefits: Cut costs, optimize, ensure customer reach and visibility

Geo-Marketing allows you to optimize POI/POS cost and insightful analysis on POS/POI data. With authorized and precise entries in the systems of Apple, Google & Co your Brand presence will be highly visible and optimize customer search results. You enhance your Brands customer reach by presence in the APIs on Android-OS and iOS, Windows-OS und Blackberry-10 devices.

Looking for POI data like ATM’s?

NetStart geoServer can offer you vast sets of POI data which can be used in your solution. Whether you are looking for ATM or petrol station data, we likely have the data set you are looking for available.


what3words and logistics

With what3words technology it becomes practical to deliver to businesses and people without addresses, and in areas of poor addressing what3words increases efficiency. Even in countries with great addressing, deliveries fail, over 6M deliveries a year in the UK have address issues. Poor addressing contributes to the last mile problem that accounts for up to 28% of the total cost to move goods. (Quelle:
what3words technology can help in the last mile by specifying a precise & fixed location for the whole supply chain to work to.

With what3words pinpointing locations, you also don’t have to rely on drivers with local knowledge to make deliveries, so rostering and managing demand becomes a lot easier.

geoServer iBeacon and Beacon Micro-Positioning

GeoServer is also available to maintain and manage indoor/outdoor beacon systems and publish information to the exact right location. With precise tracking and behavioural metrics retail and other situations can be optimized for better results in sales or services. Management, Brand publishing and maintainance of information with beacon technology just has become easy.

NetStart is a licensed Apple iBeacon partner.

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geoServer GSM based GPS-Tracking-Services

GeoServer is also available for asset or personal tracking solutions based on GSM GPS tracking hardware. Our certified tracking modules are available in various models to support your real time tracking scenario. It is suitable to track fleets, cars, assets, high cost produce or assets, people or animals. With the highest quality hardware and best network connectivity this allows you to monitor and track any scenario in real time. Our GPS-Telematics Service is integrated with global telecommunication networks, is highly scalable, and highly efficient in mission critical environments.