App Security

Apps as risk factor

More and more Apps are used as access points to banking, insurance, accounts, to give access to or provide with business know how and IP. Important data and even data protection act relevant data are being transported via Apps. In similar manner, more and more hackers, intruders and third parties are tampering with Apps and try to manipulate them to gain access to protected information..

Developers aren’t innocent for causing vulnerabilities too. Coding sometimes takes place on unverified machines and vulnerabilities are compiled in as intoxicated tools are being used, even enabling malware to be injected.

TechHub EU’s CodeProtection eradicates these threats.

The TechHub CodeProtection SDK

TechHub CodeProtection uses integrated security mechanisms to add security at multiple App Code levels. Without changing the source code obfuscation is applied to make it unreadable for reengineering. Simultaneously code verification mechanisms are injected in the code to secure it at multiple levels. Platform specific methods are applied which block debugging, piracy and malware injection. The applied mechanisms to secure the code cannot be removed, as the algorithms with which they are applied ensure that security detections are interacting across all code levels.

Most attacks stem from hackers manipulating SourceCode either in memory or on disk, in order to circumvent security mechanisms. TechHub CodeProtect detects when code is manipulated and allows the code to respond on the manipulation. At every level of code checksum mechanisms are applied in order to detect tapering and to enable response at other levels when manipulation is detected. Because the injected verification methods and algorithms are hard to detect and interacting, it is impossible to circumvent them without getting caught.

TechHub EU’s CodeProtection is available on OS-X, Linux or Windows and is intended for Android and iOS App development security. Java, C/C++ and Objective C are supported in the SDK.

App Security

TechHub CodeProtection SDK delivers application security at the highest level. Our SDK provides with Obfuscation and encryption methods as well as security methods to detect tampering or attacks.


  • obfuscation of control flow
  • Encryption of resources
  • String encrypting
  • Removal of meta data
  • Hiding calls


  • App checksum
  • Detect debugging
  • Verify resources
  • Hook detection
  • Swizzle detection
  • Jailbreak and rooting detection


  • Disable app
  • Programmed reaction
  • Alert User
  • Alert backend
  • Call home